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This tutorial will show you how to root your Tecno N3 and Tecno P3 android phones easily in few stepswithout a computer.
what you will be needing*.
Download poot from to your phone*.
You should goto settings on the phone –>Application: check unknown source; tap preferred install location, select internal device storage; tap development and check USB debugging and Allow mock locations.*.Internet access on the phone*.
Now you are ready for the main rootingSteps to root your Tecno phone


Most of the low end android devices comes with a very low internal storage which after few downloads of applications you start getting low memory notification. The good news is you can increase the internal memory.
First your android device has to be rooted, how to root them  easily.There is absolutely no way you can increase the size of your phone’s internal storage but you can allocate some part of your memory card for your phone to install applications to.What you will need*.
Your android phone (must be rooted)*.
Memory card (2Gb and above only)*.


This is no news that android apps can be run on anycomputer with the help of any android emulator butthe news here is  how to PING on BBM on a computer .Since BBM now run on Android platform that has make it easy to use BBM on a computer using any android emulator but surprisingly immediately after the launch non of the android emulator seems to work.Just few weeks back Genymotion was confirm to run BBM well but my best android emulator is Bluestacks so I was still waiting to hear from them and finally 10 days back they announced the release of a new Bluestacks version that has the BBM fix, so I downloaded and confirmed it, below is the full step to getting BBM to run on your computer.


This will show you how to easily create wireless hotspot on your computer to share internet with other computers, iPhones, iPads, Android and even use it to PING on Blackberry without BIS etc by creating a wireless hotspot on your computer. Now people own many devices which are nothing without internet connections and subscribing to them all is not economical.Personally I didn’t know Blackberry devices can ping without BIS before now but yes, It do pings with wireless network. The number of devices that can be connected is unlimited also, so you can connect your friend’s laptops, connect your iPhone, iPad, Androids all sharing the same internet.Trust me they are many software that can achieve this, most of them are not free like the popular Connectify  but this method by using Virtual Router Manager is the easiest I have come across and is totally free.Steps to share Internet via wireless from computer to other devices


This will show you how to check if your Tecno Phoneand battery are original or fake, since Tecno phonesare becoming very popular the need to be sure you have the original phone and battery is very necessary as imitations of the Tecno batteries are now becoming available in the market, i am yet to know of the fake Tecno phones but i am sure they are also available in the market which was the sole reason why Tecno Mobile has decided to help in identifying the genuineness of their products.How to

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

BBM For Nokia Coming Soon

You know most atimes I kept wondering why will BBM intelligently
bypass window phone like Lumia to supports Android and iPhone
operating system. And I just can’t find the best answers to that
question. I was surfing the net a while ago and I discovered some group of
passionate developers are already working hard to lunch BBM for
Window8 phones. BBM for windows phone 8 devices is already
rumoured and is in progress according to the report from some hidden

Thursday, October 24, 2013


BBM for Android was officially released 3days back.. the link to download it for all Android phones will be posted later after itz being uploaded.... the software is now working 100% with full force... steps for registration will be posted along side the download link

Sunday, October 06, 2013


Are you still getting 10mb per week on your Mtn
pulse when you recharge #100? Then you are
missing out because there is a way of 50mb or
more in a week instead of 10mb when you
recharged with this same #100. This is not a
tweak, cheats or a free browsing technique but
a rightful means Mtn choose to reward its users
on the pulse and if you are not an Mtn pulse
user, you can still migrate to it to enjoying this

How to Migrate to Mtn Pulse
Send 406 to 131 or dial *406# .

Now Let Start on How to Get 50mb
After you have finished the initial
10mb given to you and make sure
that ultimatum 7days was past.
Load #100 as you normally do
Then you will receive a message
that you have get 10mb for a week.
Don't mind them, quite it
immidiatelly and send a message
50 to 131 .

Check your MB with *559# and you
will see 50mb or more.
It is simple as that, enjoy it while it last.


Mtn Bis Plan is Back & Now Blazing Well On
Android Device & PC
Hi lovely viewers and welcome to this post,
after almost 5 days when Mtn nailed our
surfing with Bis plans on Android and PC, you
might still think that is not response yet but
am happy to inform you that Mtn Bis is back
and blazing well with those tunnels VPN, PD-
Proxy, DroidVPN , TroidVPN, TweakwareVPN

Just download and connect with ICMP Protocol and set your
APN to .

It is surfing well now.
For TroidVPN user,

am using this medium to
hint you that the new version of TroidVPN
v2.0 that support ICMP Protocol is now
available, just visit Google Play Store to
download it, then switch over your Protocol to
ICMP and you are good to go.
Remember that if you want to download large
files, always make sure you make use of the
BBday plan of #100.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Update HTC MyTouch 4G to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean via CyanogenMod 10

Nexus 7 has already left behind the sales records of Galaxy Nexus and Kindle Fire. With the launch of Nexus 7 the era of Android Jelly Bean has started and every Android device user is dreaming to have a Jelly Bean powered Android device. HTC MyTouch 4G launched with T-Mobile with 1Ghz Scorpion processor will not be getting the Official Jelly Bean update but xda developer forum member has ported CyanogenMod 10 Jelly Bean on HTC MyTouch 4G. Although the custom ROM is not fully functional and you will be facing some bugs. Developers are trying to repair everything and launch a fully stable working CM10 Jelly Bean for MyTouch very soon. Here is a detailed tutorial about how you can install Jelly Bean custom ROM on HTC MyTouch.
Pre-Requisite: 1)Files, data and settings such as SMS, Call Logs, Contacts, Images, Audios, Videos, APN settings, Bookmarks, Wi-Fi and MMS settings etc must be backed up on your myTouch 4G as this process is going to wipe every data from device. 2)You need to disable the antivirus and firewall from your computer and myTouch 4G device respectively as this may cause interruption during the installation process. They will not allow you to install the update to your device. 3)You must charge your device battery to at least 80% just to ensure that it won’t turn off during installation of Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1. 4)You must turn On USB Debugging option on your myTouch 4G just by following the path ‘Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging’. Tick the USB Debugging option box when you get there. 5)You need to have your T-mobile 4G rooted with latest CWM Recovery installed on it. you need to download CYANOGENMOD 10 ROM PACKAGE, GApps PACKAGES, MICROPHONE FIX PACKAGES Download CyanogenMod 10 ROM Package here Download GApps PACKAGES HERE Download MICROPHONE FIX PACKAGES HERE Instructions to Update myTouch 4G to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean via CyanogenMod 10: Step 1.     Assuming that you have followed the instruction quite nicely and also downloaded the mentioned zip files from above links so in order to proceed with the process, you need to connect your T-Mobile myTouch 4G to the Computer via USB data cable and place all three packages to the root of the SD card. Step 2.     Turn off your myTouch 4G device and boot into recovery mode just by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously. Soon, you will boot into the HBOOT mode. Then, using the Volume button navigates to the Recovery and press the Power button to enter into Recovery Mode. Step 3.     Once you’re in Recovery mode, make a Nandroid backup of your current ROM for which you need to select Backup and Restore and then Backup. Step 4.     Then, select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and ‘wipe cache Partition’ option to wipe all data from your device. Then, go for ‘Wipe Dalvik cache’ under Advanced option and select it. Step 5.     After completing wiping, you need to select ‘install zip from SD card’ and again select ‘choose zip from sdcard’ to browse for file from your SD card. Then, confirm the installation by selecting ‘Yes’ which appears on the next screen. Step 6.     Then, repeat the above process twice with the replacement of ‘’ with Google Apps package ‘’ and microphone fix package ‘’. Step 7.     Then, select ‘+++Go Back+++’ option to return to the main menu and select ‘reboot system now ’to restart your device.  Once you complete this your HTC MyTouch 4G would have been upgraded to Android 4.1.1 .

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This thread will be updated frequently from now how to get 240mb for one week load an amount of 200naira airtel Automatically you will be eligible for 15MB for 1week Send SMS BBUD3 to 440 or simply dial *440*018# Automatically You will be given Airtel 240MB Data Your Data will last you 7days instead of the normal 3day HOW TO GET 80MB FOR ONE DAY load an amount of 100naira and dial the activation code *440*18# Automatically you will be given 80mb your normal data will last for one day but can last longer if your previous subscription has not expired or if you are still on an active plan but megabyte already exhausted HOW TO GET 4GIG DATA FOR JUST 1500NAIRA Load an amount of 1500naira and dial the activation code *440*161# Automatically you will be given 4gig data your data will last for 2months NOTE: this plan might not work for all airtel sims sometimes a message will popup you are not eligible for this plan but no stress you can still make it by subscribing for 2gig data for 1month with the 1500naira in your sim, simply dial the activation code *440*16# Automatically, you will be given 2gig data for 1month HOW TO GET 1GIG DATA FOR ONE MONTH simply load an amount of 1200naira on your airtel sim and send the word BSM to 440 or dial the activation code *440*4# Automatically, you will be given 1gig data for 1month HOW TO GET 6GIG DATA FOR 3 MONTH load an amount of 3000naira and dial the activation code *440*016# you will be given 6gig data to check your data, dial *141*11*0# or *141*712*0# or *123*10# NOTE" This code might not work immediately for you because it was intended for blackberry devices All you have to do for it to work for you, load 100naira then activate 10mb plan by dialing *141*11*1# it works well with airtel default settings apn: username: internet password: internet if you are having difficulties in browsing or opening some softwares that requires network, simply check your settings to see if there is ip adress and port.. if there is, delete the ip adress and port leaving only the apn and save everything will work just fine


There have been a leakage of the blackberry messenger{BBM} REQUIREMENTS YOU MUST BE RUNNING ANDROID 4.0 AND ABOVE INTERNET CONNECTION you can start pinging with the official users of blackberry now just follow/click the link below to download it DOWNLOAD BBM FOR ANDROID HERE => Run and install the BBM app => Register and fill in your correct details such as Email, Password, First name and Other Info. => You should receive a Mail in your Email Inbox, Click on the Verification Link and Enter your Password as Requested the Hit the Enter Button. => The BBM Setup can take sometimes to Finish Setting Up... You're Good to Go. You can Visit the BBM Apps and login with your email and password and then watch the wonders of bbm on Android. Note:- It might take up to 24hrs or more to generate your Blackberry PIN. So just relax and keep pinging. It rocks real good.

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First of all i want to thank God for giving me the priviledge to write once again Everyday I pass by the road, I see different names of churches both new and old. i don’t criticize that fact though. Its Good to spread the gospel though but many pastors now adays have deviated from telling the truth about what is written in the BOOK of LIFE{THE BIBLE} and have also neglected some books and chapters in the bible. There is no longer preachings about the coming of of our lord anymore. All we hear on daily basis is preachings and teachings about properity and how to be wealthy.i can vouch for anything that some books and chapters in the bible are being neglected and has never been read out in any congregation. Its good to be wealthy and successful in life though but what will become of a wealthy man if he live the whole of his life in riches and still die one day without having the knowledge of what the bible really teaches.. There are lots of false prophets in our world today. The house of God has become more or less a business place today where somebody can just get up one morning, set up a small space and give it a name as a church.. on the other hand,lots of people are after miracles they neglect any gathering where the truth about the gospel is preached and dominates where magic is being performed all in the name of miracles. We live in the world where pastors envy and talk bad about their fellow pastors. I pray on daily basis for GOD to help his children because we no longer know the difference between real prophets and false prophet. Some teachings are only taught to mislead others. We are always happy to hear preachings like “IT SHALL BE WELL WITH YOU” “YOUR FINANCE IS SECURE” we no longer want to hear about “OUR LORD IS COMING SOON HOW WELL ARE YOU PREPARED” WE NO LONGER WANT TO HEAR “JESUS IS COMING SOON”. It takes just one man to die and liberate us off all the suffering we might have encountered in the world today.. he died so that we might be liberated. A man that knows no sin got himself stained by the sins of the world just to see us liberated and justified. That shows the great love Jesus has for us. [john 15vs13} {GREATER LOVE HATH NO MAN THAN THIS, THAT A MAN LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS FRIENDS] But instead how are you paying him back for what he did for you. He died so that you might live again with him for enternity. Even when the sermon of his second coming is preached on a daily basis, both youths and most adult do come up with “hmm e don do abeg.. e don tey wey we don de heardat preaching [hmm I’ve heard enough of this.. it’s been long we’ve been hearing of same preaching]”. There is never a perfect man in the world today that has been able to keep the commandmant of our HEAVENLY FATHER. All we pray for everyday is for his grace and mercies upon us. even when we are aware/conscious of the commandment of our lord, we still do whats not in line with it on daily basis always having it in mind that he will surely forgive us when we pray for forgiveness our God don’t work in such way he can never be fooled he is the all knowing God.. some don’t even think about the commandment anymore they find pleasure in commiting sin.. they see commiting sin as normal immorality has become the order of the day. Instead of spreading the Gospel and telling the truth about the Bible, Immoraliity is being spread like widefire through every possible means today.. through the music we hear, movies, even social networks has made it more easier.I urge you today to repent from what ever you feel is holding you captive.. you must break out from that sin you feel you have more pleasure in doing.. some has become too addicted to sin that they cant do without it even when they know its bad.. they’ve been struggling on how to get out of such mess but no way because it has become part of their life.. one of such is the sin of immorality, stealing, fornication, adultery…once a man get entangled with such sin, he sees it so difficult to leave..if you are in such position, I pray the chain than bound you to that sin, may it be broken today….some engage themselves in abortion.thereby commiting murder. They always come up with the phrase it’s the bad blood in me that’s being washed out a foetus being formed as a result of your actions has become a bad blood.repent and come ou tof that sin and God will surely forgive you I pray God help anyone in such position. [Hebrew 13vs4 says Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefied:} but today we have a lot of fornicators the marriage bed is already defiled before both couples get married.. marriages now adays always starts with pregnancy rather than true love.. Hebrew 13vs4 went further to say {but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.. it means even you engaged in immorality before marriage wll surely be judge.. its better you repent from your sins today and our father in heaven will surely forgive you.. never feel that your sins are too much and God will not forgive you for the Bible says in luke 15vs10 [LIKEWISE, I SAY UNTO YOU, THERE IS JOY IN THE PRESENCE OF THE ANGELS OF GOD OVER ONE SINNER THAT REPENTETH]. There is always joy in heaven if a sinner whole-hearthedly repeni from his evil deeds.. our lord jesus is coming soon is not far anymore cause the end time is near.. nobody knows when he will come as the scripture say in 2peter 3vs10a [BUT THE DAY OF THE LORD WILL COME AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT] a thief never drops a notice to the owner of a house that he would be coming to steal.. thasts how the coming of our lord will be.. I urge you today.. repent from your evil deeds and pray for forgiveness our father in heaven will surely forgive us PRAYER:- father I acknowledge all I’ve done in the time past I whole-heartedly come before you for true repentance.. forgive me for all my sins and iniquities.. help me and see me through as I strive through the path of holiness I pray for perfection in your doctrines. Help me keep to your commandments.. remove my name from the book of DEATH and write my name in the book of LIFE.. may your love and mercies over-shadow me and be with me through out the days of my life… [AMEN] Thanks for reading

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Its A great welcome development to the Android Market. Android Users can now Ping Just like the BB Users using an App called "Live Profile", With this App you can exchange pins with your friends and family. This apps allows Instant Messaging just like the BBM. HOW TO DOWNLOAD LIVE PROFILE Go to the Android Market or Android Boutique (Google Store Play), Type or Search for "LiveProfile" and Hit the Install Button OR Visit Download and Enjoy. Credits to- Andres Israelinity, Who his a member of the Team that came up with this Wonderful App.


If you have been limited to use some mobile phone app simply because you don't have a smart phone or because you don't want to spend too much on phone bills, this short tutorial will show you how you can easily install and use any mobile phone application on your PC/Mac so you can access it anytime you are on your internet connected PC/Mac. Now you can Run any Adriod Apps on your PC without any Issues using Bluestacks , To Run any Andriod Apps or WhatsApp on your Steps, Then Follow this Short Steps:- 1. Download and install Bluestacks App player. Get the latest bluestacks App Player from Make sure you install after downloading it. 2. Run the bluestacks App player and install Whatsapp (or any other App you want) After the bluestacks app player completely load on your PC/Mac, you will need to search for Whatsapp or any other app you want. Click the search button (on top right hand corner) and search for Whatsapp. You will see Whatsapp on the list. Click on "Install". 3. After that the bluestacks app player will search for Amazon app store, Google Play and some other markets for Whatsapp availability and it will let you choose which market that you want to complete the download. I'll advise you to download from Google Play. Click on "Whatsapp" on the list under Google Play. You will need to sign in with your Google account to finally install Whatsapp. If you don't have a Google account, you will need to create one. The installation will be completed after you log in with your Google account. After which you can then run the Whatsapp by following the normal procedure on creating a account on Whatsapp. Enter your phone number, get a code sent to your mobile phone, wait for the 5 minutes countdown to enter the code and you are good to go. That’s it. If you need any help with this installation, please fill free to ask using the comment box further below. If you find this useful, Please hit the Like/Share Button.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RIM Set to Make BBM [Blackberry Messenger] Available for Andriod & iOS Device Soonest

As we’ve chronicled on our Inside BlackBerry blog for some time now, BBM set the standard for mobile instant messaging with fast and reliable service and an added layer of engagement with delivered and read statuses. You’ve shared with us your stories about how BBM has kept you connected when it mattered most to you. Upon release of the multi-platform BBM service, you can broaden that real-time connection to friends and colleagues on other supported mobile platforms. In the first version of multi-platform BBM, iOS and Android users are expected to be able to experience the following BBM features: The immediacy of BBM chats Multi-person chats Voice note sharing BlackBerry Groups, where BBM users are able to set up groups of up to 30 people and share calendar, photos, files and more The team here at BlackBerry has definitely been working hard to bring the much-adored BBM experience to a wider group of mobile users. In a recent press release at BlackBerry Live 2013, Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President, Software Product Management and Ecosystem, at BlackBerry had this to say: “For BlackBerry, messaging and collaboration are inseparable from the mobile experience, and the time is definitely right for BBM to become a multi-platform mobile service. BBM has always been one of the most engaging services for BlackBerry customers, enabling them to easily connect while maintaining a valued level of personal privacy. We’re excited to offer iOS and Android users the possibility to join the BBM community.” BBM Quick Facts: * More than 60 million monthly active users * More than 51 million daily active users who are connecting with friends or colleagues an average of one and a half hours every day. * BBM users send and receive more than 10 billion messages each day, nearly twice as many messages per user per day as compared to other mobile messaging apps * Almost half of BBM messages are read within 20 seconds of being received; indicating how truly engaged BBM customers are Today, BlackBerry also announced BBM Channels, a new social engagement platform within BBM that will allow customers to connect with the businesses, brands, celebrities and groups they are passionate about. BlackBerry plans to add support for BBM Channels as well as voice and video chatting for iOS and Android later this year, subject to approval by the Apple App Store and Google Play. If approved by Apple and Google, the BBM app will be available as a free download in the Apple® App StoreSM and Google Play store. Additional details about system requirements and availability will be announced closer to the launch. That’s some pretty big news, indeed!!! Source:-

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Some Months back, We Reviewed the "WhatsApp" Application for Pinging on Nokia, Blackberry and other Devices, Everyone was like waoo!!! Now we will make you say it over and over again, After Using WhatsApp, Some Members comes up with a Full list of WhatsApp Short-coming {Disadvantages}, e.g It Runs Phone Battery down easily, The Verification Procedures is sometimes not Successful for Most users. Now its all Over. LiveProfile is 100% Efficient just like the Blackberry Messenger and it also work across almost all Platform i.e Blackberry, Andriod, iPhone & iPad. This Lovely Application allow you to Ping with other Device Users with a Lovely Chat Interface. Let me Quickly Review some of its Function below. FEATURES OF LIVEPROFILE APP With Liveprofile you can do vitually everything needed in a Live Chat easily on your Mobile Phone. > Real-Time Chatting just like BBM. > Ability to Share Media Files e.g Images, Video & Music. > Users have a Unique PIN, that allow other users to Add them. :- And the Good thing about it is that it works Absolutely for Free. HOW TO USE LIVEPROFILE ON YOUR BLACKBERRY, ANDRIOD, iPOD & iPHONE 1. Open your Device Browser and Visit 2. Install Liveprofile on your Device and Flex with Hundreds of Users using Blackberry, Andriod, iPhone and iPad devices..

How to Use Glo BIS on your Andriod Device

For GLO BIS to work on your android device You will need to change the APN settings of your Android phone or tablet when you are setting up internet on your Android device. HOW TO BROWSE WITH GLO BIS ON YOUR ANDRIOD DEVICE 1. Subscribe to any of the below Glo Mobile BIS on your Glo SIM. Text"COWEEK" to 777 for N400/week (700MB) plan Text "COMONTH" to 777 for N1400/month plan (3GB) 2. On your Android device, go to ‘Settings’. Select ‘Wireless & networks’. Scroll down and select ‘Mobile Networks’. 3. Then ‘Access Point Names’, Click the Menu key (looks like four horizontal lines, a square within a square or the word Menu) Then select ‘New apn’ 4. Just key in the following Glo BIS Apn and leave every other thing blank 5. Press the Menu key (looks like four horizontal lines, a square within a square or the word Menu) and select Save 6. Press on the grey box or circle to the right of "Glo BIS" and it will fill in with a smaller green dot or tick mark. That's all. Turn your device off and on again to start browsing with the Glo BIS on your Android. Enjoy


We all know Android OS is one of the best OS in the World wit over 500,000 Apps in the App Store, and with its multi-tasking capability you can open as much Apps as you like but you might have forgotten that your RAM is running low. A Good example is Techno T3 Running on Android's Almighty 2.3.5 Gingerbread but it has a Ram of 150MB, Imagine that, Pretty Poor. It has got all the good Features but the Ram Size is Bad, So it Freeze up Most time when i Use it, Confused until a Friend hint me about Roesoft Ram Expander.. Read along. ROESOFT RAM EXPANDER:- This App uses part of your memory card as Ram and Speeds up your Phone, but the Issue is that you must have Huge Memory Card size in your Phone to enjoy Roesoft Ram Expander. WHAT DO I NEED TO GET ROESOFT RAM EXPANDER WORKING? 1. Upto 4GB SD card memory card. 2. Your Andriod Device Must be Rooted. Now you can Play more Games then ever before, Games which do not run because your Device have small Ram Size will now work perfectly using Roesoft Ram Expander App.!


AVI = Audio Video Interleave. RTS = Real Time Streaming. SIS = Symbian OS Installer File. AMR = Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec. JAD = Java Application Descriptor. JAR = Java Archive. 3GPP = 3rd Generation Partnership Project. MP3 = MPEG layer lll. MP4 = MPEG-4 video file. AAC = Advanced Audio Coding. GIF = Graphic Interchangable Format. JPEG = Joint Photographic Expert Group. BMP = Bitmap. SWF = Shock Wave Flash. WMV = Windows Media Video. WMA = Windows Media Audio. WAV = Waveform Audio. PNG = Portable Network Graphics. DOC = Document (Microsoft Corporation). PDF = Portable Document Format. IMY = iMelody Ringtone. M3G = Mobile 3D Graphics. M4A = MPEG-4 Audio File. NTH = Nokia Theme(series 40). THM = Themes (SonyEricsson). MMF = Synthetic Music Mobile Application File. NRT = Nokia Ringtone. XMF = Extensible Music File. WBMP = Wireless Bitmap Image. DVX = DivX Video. HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language. WML = Wireless Markup Language.