Thursday, August 29, 2013


First of all i want to thank God for giving me the priviledge to write once again Everyday I pass by the road, I see different names of churches both new and old. i don’t criticize that fact though. Its Good to spread the gospel though but many pastors now adays have deviated from telling the truth about what is written in the BOOK of LIFE{THE BIBLE} and have also neglected some books and chapters in the bible. There is no longer preachings about the coming of of our lord anymore. All we hear on daily basis is preachings and teachings about properity and how to be wealthy.i can vouch for anything that some books and chapters in the bible are being neglected and has never been read out in any congregation. Its good to be wealthy and successful in life though but what will become of a wealthy man if he live the whole of his life in riches and still die one day without having the knowledge of what the bible really teaches.. There are lots of false prophets in our world today. The house of God has become more or less a business place today where somebody can just get up one morning, set up a small space and give it a name as a church.. on the other hand,lots of people are after miracles they neglect any gathering where the truth about the gospel is preached and dominates where magic is being performed all in the name of miracles. We live in the world where pastors envy and talk bad about their fellow pastors. I pray on daily basis for GOD to help his children because we no longer know the difference between real prophets and false prophet. Some teachings are only taught to mislead others. We are always happy to hear preachings like “IT SHALL BE WELL WITH YOU” “YOUR FINANCE IS SECURE” we no longer want to hear about “OUR LORD IS COMING SOON HOW WELL ARE YOU PREPARED” WE NO LONGER WANT TO HEAR “JESUS IS COMING SOON”. It takes just one man to die and liberate us off all the suffering we might have encountered in the world today.. he died so that we might be liberated. A man that knows no sin got himself stained by the sins of the world just to see us liberated and justified. That shows the great love Jesus has for us. [john 15vs13} {GREATER LOVE HATH NO MAN THAN THIS, THAT A MAN LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS FRIENDS] But instead how are you paying him back for what he did for you. He died so that you might live again with him for enternity. Even when the sermon of his second coming is preached on a daily basis, both youths and most adult do come up with “hmm e don do abeg.. e don tey wey we don de heardat preaching [hmm I’ve heard enough of this.. it’s been long we’ve been hearing of same preaching]”. There is never a perfect man in the world today that has been able to keep the commandmant of our HEAVENLY FATHER. All we pray for everyday is for his grace and mercies upon us. even when we are aware/conscious of the commandment of our lord, we still do whats not in line with it on daily basis always having it in mind that he will surely forgive us when we pray for forgiveness our God don’t work in such way he can never be fooled he is the all knowing God.. some don’t even think about the commandment anymore they find pleasure in commiting sin.. they see commiting sin as normal immorality has become the order of the day. Instead of spreading the Gospel and telling the truth about the Bible, Immoraliity is being spread like widefire through every possible means today.. through the music we hear, movies, even social networks has made it more easier.I urge you today to repent from what ever you feel is holding you captive.. you must break out from that sin you feel you have more pleasure in doing.. some has become too addicted to sin that they cant do without it even when they know its bad.. they’ve been struggling on how to get out of such mess but no way because it has become part of their life.. one of such is the sin of immorality, stealing, fornication, adultery…once a man get entangled with such sin, he sees it so difficult to leave..if you are in such position, I pray the chain than bound you to that sin, may it be broken today….some engage themselves in abortion.thereby commiting murder. They always come up with the phrase it’s the bad blood in me that’s being washed out a foetus being formed as a result of your actions has become a bad blood.repent and come ou tof that sin and God will surely forgive you I pray God help anyone in such position. [Hebrew 13vs4 says Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefied:} but today we have a lot of fornicators the marriage bed is already defiled before both couples get married.. marriages now adays always starts with pregnancy rather than true love.. Hebrew 13vs4 went further to say {but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.. it means even you engaged in immorality before marriage wll surely be judge.. its better you repent from your sins today and our father in heaven will surely forgive you.. never feel that your sins are too much and God will not forgive you for the Bible says in luke 15vs10 [LIKEWISE, I SAY UNTO YOU, THERE IS JOY IN THE PRESENCE OF THE ANGELS OF GOD OVER ONE SINNER THAT REPENTETH]. There is always joy in heaven if a sinner whole-hearthedly repeni from his evil deeds.. our lord jesus is coming soon is not far anymore cause the end time is near.. nobody knows when he will come as the scripture say in 2peter 3vs10a [BUT THE DAY OF THE LORD WILL COME AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT] a thief never drops a notice to the owner of a house that he would be coming to steal.. thasts how the coming of our lord will be.. I urge you today.. repent from your evil deeds and pray for forgiveness our father in heaven will surely forgive us PRAYER:- father I acknowledge all I’ve done in the time past I whole-heartedly come before you for true repentance.. forgive me for all my sins and iniquities.. help me and see me through as I strive through the path of holiness I pray for perfection in your doctrines. Help me keep to your commandments.. remove my name from the book of DEATH and write my name in the book of LIFE.. may your love and mercies over-shadow me and be with me through out the days of my life… [AMEN] Thanks for reading